Creating enabling environments for knowledge optimization

" The only thing that has ever interfered with my learning has been my education"

Albert Eistein - Nobel Laureate  

We are all very much aware that education is no longer for a life but rather for a living. Many modern learners are therefore provided with a stripped down version of knowledge that makes them comparatively unfit to become integral and optimally contributing members of society.  Frequently, we have found them being channeled into areas of learning that are mismatched with their skills and capabilities. We can see how questionable modern education methods are when we realize that very few of us ever make use of any of the skills we spend years in school learning.

Indeed, we, the educators, are supposed to prepare our young charges to face the world twenty years from now and yet, we ourselves have no clue what that world will look like. Neither do their parents. Therefore the present system, where children are railroaded into specific learning areas early and, provided with skills sets that have only a perceived importance and not an actual relevance to their futures is highly questionable. In fact, Steiner Leearning believed this approach is completely erroneous.

The truth of the matter is that the only way in which useful time can be spent by children in learning exercises is if they acquire the sort of holistic, universal grounding skills set that are applicable to whatever situation they face when they move out into the world. They must necessarily move beyond the exercises of stimulus-response where stock answers to stock questions in stock subjects are repeated by mindless rote. They must understand that a good grade is not good enough when the performance metric against which they are measured is life itself.  They must have shields and the weapons that can be used in a world that is not present, not apparent and most certainly not forecast at the time that they are acquiring them.


Creating this sort of learning environment and stocking it with multi-faceted resource requisites requires the sort of innovation that only education engineers such as those at Steiner Learning can create.


This dedicated and highly skilled team of education experts, mathematicians, artists, linguists, psychologists, psychotherapists, anthropologists, skill experts and facilitators are therefore driven by the desire to “be continuously disruptive” in terms of accepted norms of education and the entire industry that has grown up around learning. In fact, this team is constantly seeking ways to disrupt its own models for the betterment of the next student who will have to face ever increasing challenges in an ever more volatile and changing world-scape.

The key philosophy of the Steiner Team is that “the younger the learner, the greater the attention needed, the higher the educator skill set required, the higher the commitment, focus and insight mandated for its staff”.

This is the keystone behind the rationale of Steiner Learning when it brings in some of the most experienced and multiply skilled scientists and educators to directly engage with the students

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