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"The Industrial Age said 'If you try to be a jack of all trades you will be a master of none" while in the Sustainable Age says "Be not only a jack of all trades but a master of all""

Arjuna Seneviratne - Sustainabile Development

The world is rapidly transiting away from the Industrial Age into the Sustainable Age. Those truisms that defined the industrial era of our world such as greed, competition, winning, self-aggrandizing, acquiring and hoarding have now been globally vilified as the root cause for the massive escalation of individual, national and global debt, crises in food, energy and environment, wars and conflicts in over 130 of 197 countries and real threats to the very existence of life on earth. Those things that were valued by the 400 years of industry as the exclusive domain of civilization are now being demonized as the epitome of crudeness, aggression, uncivility, vulgarity, sham and shame.


The world, headed by the United Nations and the leaders of every single country have now recognized, almost too late, that if we are to save our world for our children, then greed must give way to generosity, competition must give way to corporation, self-aggrandization must give way to self-subsumation,  acquiring and hoarding must give way to sharing. The move towards a more secure, more equitable and more civilized idea of what constitutes “civilization” is not easy. You see, old habits die hard if they die at all.


In most cases, our older generations are too wired into the business-as-usual” or BAU scenarios of the past and too tired by the incessant battle to “succeed” against the truisms of the age of damage that the world is now firmly set on leaving behind to really be able to turn on a dime and start rethinking their thinking. However, our children haven’t yet acquired the terrible, self-destructive and community destroying patterns of behavior and the ways of approaching life that defined the madness of the past.


Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that they do not end up going down the same dusty road to doom that most of us have trod.

Gradually encouraging better life and learning habits while simulteneously weaning children away from any residual and knock-on habits acquired from previous generations is no easy task and requires children, parents and teachers to all work together towards the common goal of holistic knowledge acquisition.


To create the required enablers, we have realized that we must move away from specialization and strike through to that level of deep penetrating generalized knowledge that so strengthened the world and gave it sounder base knowledge applicable for millennia. We must understand that such social stability did exist before the advent of industry and the preoccupation with telescoped ideas of life and mastery over unnecessary specifics. Where such intellectual nit-picking was valued more than the practical importance of discovery and invention. We must know that the foundation of enormously potent civil approaches to life that existed before and which we are attempting to re-engineer again were not based purely on intellect but also on heart. Not merely on physics but also on metaphysics. Not merely on science but also on spirit.​


Utilizing a subtly nuanced and significantly localized flavor of the anthroposophy first outlined by Rudolf Steiner, we have created a learning system of global relevance that will enable your child to become a truly responsible, optimally durable and perfectly sustainable human being who be in the mix of those individuals who will carefully and thoughtfully chart the future of our world.

Target Group: Key Stages 1 through 5 for Edexcel and Cambridge syllabii
Unique Methodology: Steiner Anthroposophy nuanced for Sri Lankan contexts
Subjects Covered: All subjects convered by Edexcel

The care and wellbeing of our students and staff is our primary concern. Our services towards optimizing that emotional stability that is generally articulated as "feeling loved", "feeling good", "feeling we belong" and "feeling happy and content" are all carefully engineered within the habitat. 


School Houses: All students and staff belong to one of the four school houses and their pastoral performances count for how well a house performs over an academic year. 

Career and Academic Guidance:  The school has professionally qualified guidance counselors who will use our student screening and performance evaluation process to advice on the best career and academic paths.

Psychosocial Counselling: Children live under many trying circumstances these days and when pressures build up and tension rises, very dangerous behavioral tendencies rise to the surface. Our professional counselors are at hand to assist all students during trying times. 

Examination Services : Exams are always tough asks for students and our services in this respect constantly aim to reduce exam stress while also providing every form of assistance to students, including any special requisits, to ease their way during exams. 


While the administrative structure ensures that the mechanics of delivering education services are met, we know that this is not enough. In order to optimize the entire educational experience, identify skill needs, innovation, exceptional minds and other .skill level needs of children, we have created the following academic departments to support you and your child in getting the most conducive learning environment possible. 

Mathematics Mathematics, Further Mathematics
English Language, Literature
Science Chemistry, Physics, Biology, General Science
Business Studies Accounting, Economics, Business Studies, Commerce
Languages French, German, Mandarin
Computer Science  
Health Personal, Social, Health and Economics (PSHE), PE

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