Institute of Cognitive Enhancement (ICE)


"In Sri Lanka, any impairment in children that is physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional or developmental or a combination thereof is by default, left unacknowledged, ignored or wished away.  Those disabilities that cannot be hidden are reluctantly acknowledged via embarrassed silences on the part of both caregivers and those the kids come into contact with. Few, very few, will look at these children and see potential, identify excellence, determine possibilities or understand equal-or-better societal relevance. This in turn, creates both physical and attitudinal barriers that simply results in compounding problems for these children."

Arjuna Seneviratne - Sustainabile Development

Every child is precious and their contribution to the future of our country regardless of their stature is literally immeasurable. However, in our society, children with long term mental health issues have been a cause of shame for both parents and community and have been perennially either ignored, socially ostracized or excluded, marginalized. This, despite the fact that many of their issues can be overcome if proper responses are provided in time or, if not, then, provided with significant improvement of their condition to enable them to become reintegrated with mainstream society as contributing citizens.



The farsighted thinkers that created the Institute of Cognitive Enhancement (ICE) had as its primary goal the recognition of the capacities and capabilities of mentally challenged children, the improvement of their cognitive capabilities and the creation of the optimal enabling environment for them to expand their horizons to the point where they will be recognized as equal citizens among equal citizens.


That is our dream, that is our claim, that is our everything.


Under the best of circumstances that is a tough ask. It requires highly skilled psycho-emotional profiling experts, individually tailored cognitive enhancement and confidence building regimens, frequent reassessment, long-term response strategies and superbly skilled teachers and insightful and empathetic facilitators. Even that is not sufficient and where we are ahead in these types of programs is that we ensure that the facilitator to child ratio is one to one. That is, for every child in the ice program there is one specialized facilitator whose sole task is to ensure that the tailor-made regimen for their single charge is optimally followed.

Target Group: Children of all ages with special needs
Unique Methodology: Scan, Plan, Program, Improve cognitive capabilities
Areas Covered: ASD, ADHD, Dislexia, 
  • Cognitive scanning, planned interventions and enhancing capabilities through the ICE program
  • Provide survival techniques through the Living Independently with Fundemental Experiences (LIFE) program 
  • Ensure mainstream education through the Assisted Mainstream Education (AME) program
Tools: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Puppet Therapy etc.

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